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Trust Certified identifies Healthcare Providers that you can trust...

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Trust that our Providers

Take the guesswork out of selecting a physician.

By utilizing the Trust Certified platform, you can trust our providers have excellent patient outcomes, are specially trained in essential issues including causality, and safely treat patients in STAT Speed through our Trust Track ©

Trust Certified providers are expected to adhere to our guided program which involves personally reviewing applicable medical records prior to a thorough examination, addressing payor issues in clear and appropriate terminology, and producing the necessary information with documentation in an immediate time frame. Providers are further coached to adhere to best practice standards in dealing with patients and Payors, as well as the concept of “medically necessary” and important issues that affect the patient’s overall well-being.

Trust Certified providers’ office staff are also required to be optimally trained, treat patients with professionalism and dignity, and communicate effectively. Each provider practice will have a designated Trust Certified Liaison who is responsible for ensuring adherence to all aspects of the certification. Trust Certified will continuously monitor the providers and their office staff to assure excellence is being met.

By requesting a provider, you agree to the
Insurance Adjuster / Payor User Agreement.