Trustworthy and knowledgeable physicians are
in high demand and short supply.
Certification provides the opportunity to demonstrate
professional skill and proven outcomes.

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2. Complete A Detailed Assessment Form

The detailed assessment questionnaire will provide
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and help to determine it’s path to Certification.

3. Schedule An Interview

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Schedule an interview with a Trust Certified consultant to review your detailed assessment and get answers to these questions – and any others you may have – regarding the program and the process you will follow to receive certification.

4. Schedule Your Training

We pride ourselves in delivering the best education possible.
Our generalized office module training and examinations can be taken at your office’s convenience within two weeks. Then deeper provider module training is based on assessment and examination results followed by final in-person training to assure success!

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7. Maintain Your Certification

Continued learning and re-certification is encouraged
to remain a valued member of the Trusted and Certified Community.

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