Not all providers are created equal.  That’s why Trust Certified identifies providers you can actually trust at no additional cost to you!  We assess, train and test to reward providers we can trust.

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You Can Trust!

  • That our providers have the best documented outcomes on the planet!
  • That the provider will have offices also optimally trained by Trust Certified
  • That a Trust Certified liaison is specially trained and will communicate effectively
  • That providers treat your claimants with professionalism and dignity
  • That Trust Certified providers and offices will be continuously monitored to assure excellence is being met
  • That providers know how to address causality effectively
  • That providers will safely treat your claimants in stat speed through their Trust Track
  • That providers will provide information and documentation you need from all perspectives immediately
  • That providers will understand benefits and gain issues
  • That providers will address your issues in the terminology you need
  • That providers will personally review all medical records and films before thorough examination
  • The providers will provide medically necessary testing and treatment without over or under treating

Why Work with Trust Certified?

Quality: All of our providers undergo strict screening to be part of our network AND must meet the following requirements:


  • They must be Board Certified in their specialty
  • They must have the best data outcomes via public and private data sources
  • They must undergo a rigorous assessment
  • They endure intense training as needed
  • The provider must successfully complete a comprehensive certification examination given by the specialty board.
  • They are consistently monitored through our data base to assure Trusted results
  • They are committed to continuing education
  • They must re-certify every 2 years

Precision: Eliminate the guesswork searching for a physician. We select and train trusted providers within your necessary parameters who will perform best patient outcomes which will provide happy claimants and substantial cost savings!

Cost Effective: with a Trust Certified provider you rest assured medical treatment is performed accurately with no delays.