What does it mean to be Trust Certified?

It means being a physician who can be trusted to have top outcomes, abide by their oath and be thoroughly trained from a medical, legal and insurance perspective.  It means our highly regarded Board stamps their approval on trusted and trained providers which will be provided to all those searching for a trust worthy provider – insurance adjusters, other physicians, attorneys, employers and patients.

Not all providers are created equal.  That’s why Trust Certified helps clients find the right one.  Our industry experts utilize their unmatched experience and the right data to accurately identify the right provider for your client.

To be Trust Certified a provider must:

  • Apply now to become Trust CertifiedBe a talented Board Certified provider in their area of specialty*
  • Must possess a current full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the United States without blemish
  • Must be thoroughly assessed from Trust Certified perspective
  • Must undergo Trust Certified training as needed
  • Must pass Trust Certified examination administered by the Board
  • Re-certification after continued training and education.

*For a complete list of requirements by specialty please visit the American Board of American Specialties

To be selected by the Trust Certified Board, a physician will need all of the above PLUS

  • Adherence to Trust Certification criteria